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Gycra nano antibacterial gauze mask

Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing noble Nano Technology Co., Ltd. has been put into the market with a new nano antibacterial function, Gycra brand mask. SARS in Guangdong, Taiwan, Hongkong, Canada and other places has caused worldwide panic. But there is no way to find a way to prevent it. Therefore, the way to control the spread of mass communication is a kind of mask has been widely accepted by experts and the general public preventive measures.

"Gycra" mask cleaning card brand antibacterial fiber, the nanometer antibacterial fiber is inorganic nano composite of 98124542 national invention patent based on the antibacterial agent and the 2000 annual National Science and technology progress prize two nano antibacterial material, the most successful new product development, can inhibit microbial growth and kill microorganisms (China disease prevention and control center detection reports of antibacterial rate of more than 99%). The antibacterial fibers are processed into non-woven masks used as filter material, play a dual role of filtering and anti microbial, have strong inhibition of bacteria fungi and other microorganisms.

Two, efficacy and characteristics

1, mask fabric safety, non-toxic, no skin irritation;

2, and short-term effective disinfectant is different, they highlight the advantages of a long time to maintain the effectiveness of antibacterial, and resistance to washing dozens of times performance does not decline, can be used repeatedly;

3, "Gycra" in addition to ordinary mask mask, the isolation effect of SARS virus spread directly from the blocking effect and filtering effect, but also has a bidirectional filter, which is attached to the mask on the anti bacteria effect of killing in the air, anti bacteria, fungi, yeast, algae, virus again, to prevent pollution two people own things out. When people wear masks, masks will be contaminated by human bacteria or exogenous bacteria two times. The automatic cleaning function of the card mask will reduce the disease caused by the two pollution.

Antibacterial mechanism of antibacterial fiber cleaning card is: nano silver ion fiber melt blending can be directly combined with the active site amino, sulfhydryl, hydroxyl groups of proteins, destroying the bacterial cell membrane, cell death. Metal ions bind to proteins and nucleic acids in the cytoplasm, blocking the respiratory chain of the bacteria, causing the cells to die. Organic compound antimicrobial agent to the cell membrane rupture, causing cell exudant caused cell death. Low concentration and low concentration, metal ions and organic antibacterial agent adsorbed on the cell membrane, inhibit bacterial growth of essential nutrients, such as amino acids of uracil uptake, thereby inhibiting bacterial growth.

From the structure of the virus is the "protein coated gene" inference, nano antibacterial materials on the viral protein damage.

4, a thin, breathable material: summer is getting hot, people intolerable heat will make the traditional cotton mask. Not only covers a large area of the mask, and breathable comfort.

5, high quality: the quality of the export of Japanese products, can be adjusted to adjust the free nose, firm and comfortable.

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