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Antim beautify the fiber used antibacterial masterbatch series

Andimei (Antim) is the company of antibacterial products marketed, including antibacterial agent, antibacterial masterbatch, plastic and fiber with antibacterial fiber. They are inorganic antibacterial agents (inorganic minerals and oxides containing silver, copper, and zinc), or inorganic / organic antibacterial agents, and concentrates or products made from polymers.

Andy used a series of landscaping fiber antibacterial masterbatch series including Andy -PE-F, Andy -PP-F, beauty beauty beauty beauty Andy -PET-F, Andy -PA-F, is designed for the production of antibacterial fiber melt spinning process. This series of masterbatch for the production of various specifications of the fiber, such as: long staple fiber, a variety of products, including a variety of functions involving fabric, non-woven fabric, filter cloth, filter etc.. Suitable for polyester, polypropylene fiber, ES fiber, nylon fiber etc..

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