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Antim AMS antibacterial agent

Antim AMS is an inorganic silver antimicrobial agent, and its active ingredient is soluble silicate silver antibacterial agent. It can effectively inhibit the growth of gram negative, gram positive bacteria and fungi.

Antim AMS antibacterial agent is suitable for all kinds of plastic products, especially suitable for PP, PE, ABS, HIPS, PVC, PBT, PC, PMMA and other materials for injection molding and extrusion products, such as can be made into the refrigerator, washing machine, antibacterial antibacterial antibacterial, antimicrobial, antibacterial phone board toys, antibacterial keyboard the door handle, antibacterial and antibacterial, antimicrobial, antibacterial toothbrush direction of toilet seat, antibacterial medical devices etc..

Antim AMS silver containing antibacterial agent, after stabilization treatment, excellent heat resistance, no decomposition temperature greater than 800 DEG C, and processing adaptability to the plastic; no exudation and plastic formulations have good compatibility, add less. The refractive index is 1.56-1.58, so it is suitable for the production of PS, PC, PP, PMMA and other transparent or translucent products, the transparency of the material of the small.

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