China antibacterial industry news network October 27, 2016 -28, antibacterial science and Technology Forum held in Suzhou in 2016. The conference by the National Health Industry Enterprise Management Association Branch (hereinafter referred to as the antibacterial antibacterial Industry Association), Suzhou Xi'an Jiao Tong University nano science and Engineering Technology Institute of Xi'an Jiao Tong University, Suzhou Research Institute Co sponsored, Jiangsu science and Technology Co., Ltd. and Shishi shield nano fire star aluminum products Co. Ltd., Soochow University, National Engineering Laboratory for modern silk Co.This is an academic event in the field of antibacterial, consisting of a main venue and three sub venues, from universities, research institutes and enterprises of about 350 delegates attended the meeting.The conference was first hosted by Wu Junhua, President of the Suzhou Institute of Xi'an Jiao Tong University and chairman of the antibacterial Association, chairman of the board of directors of the association on behalf of the. Subsequently, more than 50 experts…
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Terminal product Nano modified materials Antibacterial products
  • Gycra nano antibacterial gauze mask
  • Vegifre fresh-keeping bag breathable antibacterial
  • PET recycled material modifier
  • Antim AMS antibacterial agent
  • Antim AMZ series antibacterial agent
  • Antim - CAL series
  • Antim - CAH series
  • Antim AL-D synthetic leather antibacterial agent
  • Antim CAG series antibacterial agent
  • Antim -PG series universal antibacterial masterbatch
  • Antim - PP series
  • Antim - ABS series
  • Antim - PE series
  • Antim - PS series
  • Antim beauty antibacterial masterbatch engineering plastics
  • Antim - PP-T series transparent products
  • Antim beautify the fiber used antibacterial masterbatch series
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