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Review of the Tenth Conference on the development of China’s antibacterial industry

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On November 6-7,2015,the tenth Chinaantibacterial industry development conference held in Hangzhou.The meetingjointly hosted by the National Health Industry Enterprise ManagementAssociation Antibacterial industry branch,Hangzhou HuiQian nano science andtechnology Co.,Ltd.,and Peking University Institute of Hangzhou science andtechnology research institute,nearly 300 representatives of the nationalantibacterial industry attended the meeting.

The meeting with regulations andstandards,industrial development,technology applications as the theme,invited18 experts from different fields to do the on-site reports:

 InBPR and EPA antibacterial products comply with regulations and measuresZhangJingjing(REACH24H Consulting Group,Law experts)

ISO 18184 and its application in thetesting standard of anti viral textilesKawabataKoji(Research Fellow of the quality evaluation organization of the generalfinancial corporation)

Footwear ISO antimicrobial standards andtheir development progressZhang Weijuan(ISO/TC216/WG5 footwear and microbial workinggroup convened)

Introduction of national standards Antibacterialtextiles safety and health requirements》—WangJunqi(Chinesecenter disease control and prevention Institute of environment and healthrelated products,professor)

Application and outlook of used as acatalyst of zinc oxideLu Xingshuai(Zhejiang HuiQian nano science and technologyCo.,Ltd.,R&D Director)

Application status and development trend ofantibacterial technology in Haier household appliancesLi Min(Openinnovation center of Haier group,Dr.)

Application research and discussion on newtype antibacterial agent in daily chemical productsChenMinshan(Guangzhou Weimeizi industrial Co.,Ltd.,Technical Director/SeniorEngineer)

Application status and development trend ofantibaterial technology in sanitary productWangHanchun(Jomookitchen and bath Co.,Ltd.,Dr.)

The international trend of oral care,makeupand skin care toolsYanHuizhi(Dupont xingda(Wuxi) monofilament Co.,Ltd.,Dr.)

Bio antibacterial polylactic acid fiber andits applicationFeiHaiyan(Nantong jiuding Biological engineering Co.,Ltd.,Deputygeneral manager)

A new idea of antibacterial applicationdevelopmentof clean antibacterial agentLiuXiaoqing(HKH National engineering research center of plasticsCo.,Ltd.,R&D director)

Technology research and product developmentof antibacterial aluminium productGuoYanyan(Shishispark aluminum prodcuts Co.,Ltd.,deputy general manager)

The value of functional textile brand inthe internet ageChenBangwei(Shanghai textile group,professor)

Introduction of the latest development ofJapan’s antibacterial industryImai Shio(Japan antibacterial products technologyassociation,president)

Introduction of the development status ofthe antibacterial industry in South KoreaCuiZhelin(SouthKorea antibacterial products technology association,director)

Development current situation and trend ofthe antibacterial industry in ChinaLiBizhong(Nationalassociation for the management of the national health industryenterprise,antibacterial industrial branch,vice chairman)

An overview of the seven kinds ofisothiazolinone derivativesGuXuebin(Shanghai wanhou biological technology Co.,Ltd.,professor)

Application of rapid detection technologyof ATP fluorescence in antibacterial industryPengNiancai(Xianjiaotong university,professor/Xian tianlong science and technologyCo.,Ltd.,Chairman)

In the marketing theme roundtablesession,invited to ChenBangwei(Shanghai textilegroup,professor),ZhangFuquan(Shanghai sinotextiles Co.,Ltd.,deputy generalmanager),ZhaoHuawei(Henan shulai sanitary products Co.,Ltd.,deputy generalmanager),WangDejun(Hangzhou nanomei technology Co.,Ltd.,generalmanager),TaoZhiqing(Shanghai runhe nano material science and technologyCo.,Ltd.,general manager) five experts,on brand promotion and product marketingtheme,shared their experience and understanding.

In the detection theme roundtablesession,invited to Yan Wenbin(Zhejiang HuiQian nano science and technologyCo.,Ltd.,Chairman),YuGang(Sichuan shengda forestry Co.,Ltd.,R&DDirector),XieXiaobao(Guangdong detection center ofmicrobiology,director),ChenJian(SGS-CSTC standards technical servicesCo.,Ltd.,antibacterial testing project manager),PengNiancai(Xi’an jiaotonguniversity,professor/Xi’an tianlong science&technology Co.,Ltd.,Chairman)five exprts,around the detection related issues to discuss.

The meeting also held antibacterial productmanagement reponsibility training session,antibacterial subject developmentforums,the third preparatory meeting of the world federation of antibacterialindustry.

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